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*sings* it's summertime and I've nothing better to do...doobeedoobeedoo.

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+ I haven't done this in several years, so these probably aren't the best.

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Right now I'm trying to submit my FAFSA (translation, for all you non-americans: obnoxiously long paperwork required if you don't want college to be $20,000/year) and I just can't get over how ridiculous this is. Because I'm young, they automatically assume I'm a dependent of my parents. Which isn't true. My stepfather makes $140,000/year. My mom makes about half of that. The FAFSA also assumes they're paying for my college. Therein lies the problem. I make a little less than $25,000/year. If I ever want to go to college, I need government help. But they're never going to give me more than a couple hundred dollars because my parents (whom I don't live with and they most certainly do NOT pay my bills) are "rich". (Also nevermind that they're almost ready to go bankrupt.)

Meanwhile, I'm married to another woman, and the government won't recognize my marriage, even for mundane purposes like this. So I'm forced to say I'm single (a huge blow unto itself, IMHO), and then the assumption is that my parents support me. So, if I ever want to go back to college, I have to either wait until I'm old enough that they don't make the same assumptions (another 4 years), marry a man, or spend every ounce of every paycheck on my education. Who needs to buy food and pay the bills, right? :(

I hate bureaucracy.
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Perfection. It spurts from my pen, the inky black staining the paper and leaving a permanent stain. It's fluid, smooth, undoubtedly perfect.

Yet it is trite, and for only a moment the perfection dissipates and the ruddy color of life in my cheeks gives way to a distinctly ashen grey. I crumple up the paper and watch the now-vapid ink disappear. I move on to something real.

People read to escape reality, to evade the glaring truth, while writers only try to reveal it, in all its unglory, among a brief touch of Eden. Simply a touch, however light, however unbeautiful, brushing across my lips.

Perfection is the work of fools; flaws, little imperfections, tell the truth.

Truth is love, truth is hate, truth is finality, truth is neverending. Truth is the thrill, truth is the utterly mundane, truth is tomorrow, truth is forever.

Truth is pain and it's fighting and it is always.


It is me and it is you.
It is black and it is white and every shade of grey in between.

A thousand and one years go by. The crumpled paper still sits upon the now dust-covered desk, and the jet-black ink still tirelessly seeps through.

Words are still trite, yet perfect.

And the truth still hidden beneath the inevitable and unstoppable hum of future and past.
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Right. Don't laugh. Please.


Title: A Light of Some Kind
Author: pornographiie (Carrie)
Rating: G
WC: 361
Disclaimer: The characters aren’t mine. Don’t sue me. I’m just playing!
A/N: This is my first attempt at BSG anything that I’ve decided to post. Please be gentle, I know it’s not fantastic... It takes place during the time when Gaius is imprisoned. Seeing as how there’s no set way his mind tends to operate and we’ve gotten almost NO glimpse of it on the show recently, I thought I’d write a little something. =]

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*puts bag over head and wanders away, running into a llama on the way out*
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9 icons and one wallpaper. This marks my third attempt at wallpapering, and it's MUCH different from the last one. Be VERY kind, please.

Also? I swear I'm not on crack. Just completely and utterly insane. *nods*

1-4: Simone and Mandana
5-8: Six and Gaius
9-10: Greta Garbo
(These were made especially for gretarocks, buuut I'm sure she won't mind that I'm posting them here. =])

Comment, credit, blah blah blah.

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Comments make me danceeee. =]
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So Cody and I got bored. Rachel mood theme: (Warning: we got bored after a few pictures so we sorta gave up and decided that she does make a total of two faces or something. *rolls eyes*)

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*rolls eyes*

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Alright, I've got 41 icons. Some suck, some don't. It happens. LOL

1-20: Battlestar Galactica
21-30: Bad Girls (Mainly Helen, Nikki, or Helen AND Nikki)
31-41: Tricia's Playboy pics There's a little bit of nudity, and I feel inclined to warn y'all. Just because. *rolls eyes*

If you feel like taking any, please credit me. Comments are also greatly appreciated. =D

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Specific fonts available upon request.

There are a few brushes that I use that I've had forever, and I don't remember where they came from. If they belong to you, don't panic, just drop me a line and let me know. =]
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